Vintners Daugher photo

If you’ve craved a self-possessed, level-headed heroine who is intelligent, skilled and interested in more than just finding “true love”, then THE VINTNER’S DAUGHTER by Kristen Harnisch is for you. The writing is thoughtful and engaging and I enjoyed meeting the heroine, Sara, as she journeyed from French wine country to Napa. Her eventual love interest, Philippe, is handsome and charming but, I think, what I enjoyed most about the two of them together is, beyond their mutual attraction, they made perfect sense. There was much more (love of winemaking, similar humor, independence and creativity) that brought them together.

Plus, Sara is so smart and self-directed, you get the feeling she could survive alone (though less happily) without Philippe. This gives us a reason to care about Sara for herself and I really liked that. In addition, it was fun learning about growing grapes and wine-making, coupled with vivid descriptions that make me want to visit these locales ASAP.

Glad I gave this book, the first of its series, a try. Also, you might want to have a few bottles of your favorite vintage on hand for this reading. With all the wonderful descriptions, it’ll make you thirsty.